When it comes to Local Phone Service Montana Residents Now Have More Choices.

Northampton, PA April 29, 2004 -- InfinitePhone.Net is continuing to reach out to clients all over the United States in an effort to let the public know about the choices that are available in the telecommunications industry today. Recently InfinitePhone has started a strong focus on the local residential phone service markets.

Recently the staff of InfinitePhone.Net launched a page of their website dedicated 100% to local residential phone service for the Montana. While the company currently offers service from more then 40 individual service providers this new page located at http://www.infinitephone.net/local/montana.php recommends only the three best local service options for Montana residents.

Option one is Z-Tel Unlimited Local and Long Distance which allows most clients in Montana to get unlimited calling for only 49.99 a month. ProvideTechnology's CEO Jack Spirko remarked, "Z-Tel is a great option for Montana residents because along with unlimited calling it provides a free Personal Voice Assistant. This allows a customer to simply pick up the phone hit 00, then hit 1 and say, for instance, call Mom, and Mom's number will be dialed automatically. Along with great rates and other advanced features Z-Tel customer service is simply amazing, the Personal Voice Assistant for example, is managed online and you can log in and enter your contacts, their numbers, emails, nicknames etc. but if the customer does not have internet access they can call Z-Tel and a Z-Tel rep will enter the data for them. For a small business owner a PVA is almost like have a free secretary and receptionist that is bundled into your local phone service".

Option two is the highly publicized MCI local service options from The MCI Neighborhood and Small Business plans. According to InfinitePhone's staff MCI is really a great options for individuals who want one full service line and additional low cost lines for limited use such as internet access or mainly receiving inbound calls.

Option three is Talk America who was one of the first bundle local telephone companies to start competing with the RBOCs (such as Verizon, South West Bell, Bell South, Pac Bell, etc). Matt DiLaura assistant web developer for InfinitePhone stated, "Talk America does not have the cost advantage in some areas offered by Z-Tel and MCI but in a few areas of the state they are even more competitive. Our goal with this new section of our site is simply to insure that Montana residents are presented with all their options for residential and commercial use".

About InfinitePhone.Net Infinitephone.Net is a subsidiary of ProvideTechnology, LLC based in Northampton PA, that offers services such Broadband Phone Service, On Demand Conference Calling, Stand Alone 800 Numbers, local phone service MT, T1 and T3 Services, Local Residental Phone Service, Commercial Phone Service and Technology Consulting to it's clients. More information can be found at the company's website located at http://www.infinitephone.net and the company's CEO, Jack Spirko can be reached for comment at, 866-994-1212 or by email at jack@providetechnology.com.

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