When looking for local telephone service Montana residents have a new way to find a provider.

Northampton, PA June 2, 2004 -- InfinitePhone.Net is continuing to reach out to clients all over the United States in an effort to let the public know about the choices that are available in the telecommunications industry today. Recently InfinitePhone has started a strong focus on the local residential and business phone service markets.

Recently the company took several steps to upgrade a portion of their website dedicated 100% to local telephone service for Montana residents. While the company currently offers service from more then 50 individual service providers this page located at http://www.infinitephone.net/local/montana.php specifically recommends the best local service options for Montana residents.

During the upgrade two major changes were made. First, prior to the change the section listed three local bundled providers who served the MT market namely, Z-Tel, MCI and Talk America with a brief summary of the options each offered. Now the company provides a rate search tool where clients simply enter their area code and prefix and click a button and they will instantly see every plan from each provider that offers service in their area of the state.

The second change is the addition of broadband phone service options to the page. Broadband phone service allows callers to make calls over the internet at greatly reduced rates and avoid all taxes, fees and other tariffs normally charged on a phone bill. Jack Spirko, "CEO of ProvideTechnology stated, we added the broadband phone service because we wanted people in the state to know all their options and with unlimited calling to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for 19.95 broadband is a great option. We have even added a special report called, Getting the most from Broadband Phone Service, to our site for people that want to give this new technology a try".

We asked Matt DiLaura, Internet Marketing Manager of ProvideTechnology, about the changes to the InfinitePhone site and he stated, "There was a lot of work involved in adding the rate tool to all the pages in our state specific section and adding the broadband phone options but it was worth it. Our company was founded on giving the customer as many choices as possible and this move was simply designed to make it easier for them to make the right one".

About InfinitePhone.Net Infinitephone.Net is a subsidiary of ProvideTechnology, LLC that offers services such Broadband Phone Service, On Demand Conference Calling, Stand Alone 800 Numbers, local telephone service MT, T1 and T3 Services and Technology Consulting to it's clients. More information can be found at the company's website located at http://www.infinitephone.net and the company's CEO, Jack Spirko can be reached for comment at, 866-994-1212 or by email at jack@providetechnology.com.

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