San Francisco Needs Plumbers

March 16, 2004--The Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors of San Francisco referred to as the PHCC has created the Employment Broadcast System which allows potential job seekers to fill out a form on the web about themselves, the form is then sent via email within minutes to all interested members of the PHCC of S.F. The members may then extend invitations to formally apply for a position.

The current shortage of plumbers is believed to be a backlash of the dot com era. Promising plumbers chose to enter the Dot Com arena instead of the trades for reasons such as poor image and the extreme wages paid to dot comers.   

Today a plumber after five years makes $60,000 + per year and over $100,000 is not unusual, although the image of a plumber is that of dirty, hard work, today's plumbers enjoy the benefits of modern technology which makes the work cleaner and easier. Plumbing and Heating technicians must be well educated to perform the Installation, Diagnosis and Repair of the ever expanding Plumbing Heating and Cooling Systems. Most Plumbers work year round and enjoy a multitude of Benefits, one of which is telling someone without hot water "the water will be hot in a half hour".

The PHCC of SF is a member of the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors - National Association., the oldest trade organization in the construction industry, since 1883. With approximately 3,700 members.
To access the Employment Broadcast System or learn more about the PHCC please visit us at

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