Rick Schroder's Directorial Debut Black Cloud Charges the Atmosphere for the Opening of HatcH Audiovisual Festival

MT September 6, 2004 -- HatcHfest, Montana's premiere international Film and Audiovisual Festival will open their film showings on Thursday, September 09, 2004 with the showing of Rick Schroder's "Black Cloud," the visually moving story of a talented young boxer who discovers his place within the boxing ring and world around him.

The film, written and directed by longtime actor Rick Schroder, stars Eddie Spears, in the title role.     The movie is carried by the character of Black Cloud and Schroder was determined to find the perfect actor to play him. "Eddie Spears is Black Cloud," states Rick. "As soon as he walked in the door, I knew he was Black Cloud. Eddie is a Lakota Sioux from South Dakota. He's tough and handsome and he rides a horse like he is part of it," Rick says. "I don't know if there's ever been a character written or developed for an actor as perfect as this role is for Eddie Spears, and it was written without knowing him." Since appearing in "Gerinomo" as a child, Spears has amassed many film credits including his latest: Hallmark's "DreamKeeper" and this year's Sundance festival opener, Chris Eyre's "Edge of America".

The rest of the illustrious cast includes Russell Means, Julia Jones, Tim McGraw, Peter Greene, Wayne Knight, Tim Sampson and "Pooch" Marion Hall.

The brilliant scenic film was shot in Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly, which are preserved areas and very sacred place to the Navajo. To be given access with permission to film on it was an honor.

It was a natural progression to director/ writer for Rick who began his career at the age of five acting in TV commercials, which led to his film debut in the feature film, "The Champ," opposite Jon Voight and Faye Dunaway. He turned eight while making "The Champ," and became an international star.

Rick has never stopped working. In addition to other film work, he starred in two hit television series, "Silver Spoons" for five years and most recently in "NYPD Blue," for three years. He starred opposite Robert Duvall in "Lonesome Dove," and recently in the critically acclaimed "Lost Battalion." Rick has some 40 films and 200 episodes of TV in his body of work.

"I think of where America's at right now, they need a film with heart. They need a film about youngsters who know how to behave and how to discipline themselves to accomplish their dreams".

So far the audience response has been overwhelmingly positive. It has won awards at every festival at which it was screened. "Black Cloud" will be released in select cities later in September.

HatcH is the film festival reinvented an intense four-day event featuring the best in film, music and arts. The festival's focus on mentoring brings young artisans side by side with Hollywood veteran producers, screenwriters, directors, cinematographers to showcase their work and participate in panel discussions.

In addition to Mr. Schroder, celebrated hosts for this year's festival are Peter Fonda, Jeff Bridges and John Dahl. Tickets and schedule of events are available at www.HatcHfest.com .

Contact: Tina Buckingham (406.586.9758)

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